Drum Roll, please…

Welcome to our new website! We are happy to announce that the Rational Think Tank is currently in the process of being founded as a non-profit organisation under German law. We aim to become a Combined Joint Think Tank that is supported by its diverse members and various local sub-entities.

COMBINED: We will combine the know-how of, in particular, economists, lawyers and psychologists as well as students of the relevant fields.

JOINT: We rely on our sub-entities, associated with universities, to coordinate the local communities to maximize efficiency and the impact of our collaboration.

The following sub-entities have been founded on behalf of the Rational Think Tank:

  1. BUCERIUS RATIONAL THINK TANK (2016) @ Bucerius Law School
    Local Coordinator: G. Woltemate and P. Hattemer
  2. (Talks with 2 Universities pending)

Do you share our vision and would like to become part of our growing network by founding a sub-entity? Then get in touch via info(at)rationalthinktank.com.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay)