2019 General Assembly

On February 2, 2019, the members of the Rational Think Tank gathered in the General Assembly. The General Assembly discussed the present state of the project and decided upon various matters.

Most importantly, the members chose among themselves new candidates to serve in the Managing Board. Since Tim Weckmar and Sinan Krückeberg left the Managing Board upon their own request, they will not further serve in the NPO’s coordination. We are thankful for their service and thankful that they will remain with their advice and help in our community.

Julian Grabiger replaced Philip J. Hattemer as Chairman. Philip stepped down earlier this year due to upcoming challenges in his education. The General Assembly expressed their confidence, that Julian is able to coordinate the Think Tank remotely from Düsseldorf. Further to that, the members uttered their trust in Julian’s vision regarding the future of the Rational Think Tank. Julian stated, the future years will be committed to growth – both, in the audition and the community. The General Assembly expressed their remaining trust in Philips commitment by electing him Vice Chairman.

Kai Ulrich and Clara Schädlich, both known as active members and part of our biggest research projects, joined the Managing Board. Kai was elected Chief of Staff, while Clara replaced Florian Zink as General Secretary. Florian will still be a helpful part by serving in the Extended Managing Board. We are thankful for their commitment and trust them to push our community beyond limits.