The Rational Think Tank is composed of a diverse network of practitioners and students with a shared vision and a passion for Rational Thinking. A core team of six members currently serves as the Management Board, which is further supported by the Advisory Board.


Management Board

RTT-8 Julian Grabiger 


“In recent years, the growing influence of behavioral law and economics has not only transformed the nature and scope of the legal research but continues to provide crucial insight for legal practitioners and the judiciary.”

Julian Grabiger has been working for several years as a Strategic Planner at Euro RSCG, one of the largest integrated marketing communications agencies in the world. He was responsible for targeted advertising campaigns and part of the business development branch. Previously, he was employed as a Consultant specialized for IT and digitization strategies with the German-Romanian consultancy firm Metromind, where he led a wide variety of multi-national projects. He has a professional degree as Specialist for Marketing Communication, a B.A. in International Management and a Master of Law and Business from Bucerius Law School. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in the fields of Legal- and FinTech.

 RTT-10 Philip J. Hattemer

Vice Chairman

“Applied Rationality affects all kind of legal professionals – right now. Rationality and congitive science provide a serious advantage for those who study these fields over those who don’t – it helps us in our personal life as well as in our professional life.”

Philip has over nine months experience working for leading law firms. These professional activities led him through the fields of M&A, capital markets, antitrust, litigation and restructuring – where he became aware of the relevance of behavioral science in the legal field. His legal studies include a semester abroad at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, where he discovered yet other perspectives on behavioral law and economics. At Bucerius Law School, he specialized in tax law. Philip’s interest for cognitive sciences mainly derives from the intricate understanding of the human subconscious he acquired when he underwent training to become a personality coach.

Clara Schädlich

General Secretary

  Kai Ulrich

Chief of Staff

  Rebecca Schlottmann 


Before starting to study law at Bucerius Law School, Rebecca completed her vocational training in the finance industry, to obtain a professional degree in banking. She gained valuable experience in funding and financial coordination of organizations during her first year of university. Rebecca is head of finances, always ensuring transparent and compliant financial analysis and reporting. Her interest for Rational Thinking was aroused during a lecture in macroeconomics, which she chose to pursue further and share with likeminded rationalists via the Rational Think Tank’s different forums.