Jurists: How to Outsmart Those Outsmarting You

(Reading time: 5 min read)

In the light of our rationality campaign at the ChampionsTrophy 2017, we decided to repost this thought provoking article. It explaines quite well how behavioural science serves the legal profession as well as your individual career. The ChampionsTrophy is an annual sports event in which the best legal and business students from all over Europe are paticipating. We are glad to engage with the participants regarding rational decision-making.

Jurists: How to Outsmart Those Who are Outsmarting You

(Reading time: 5 min read)

Keith Stanovich discovered by testing rationality and unbiased decision-making that higher intelligence does not automatically lead to better decisions. People with high cognitive abilities are more likely to have a “bias blind spot”. It is harder for them to see their own errors.

Read this short essay on how you can start to outsmart your co-workers.