Yombe Fonkeu

Scientific Advisor and Academic Proofreader

After graduating in Biomedical Engineering at Yale University (B.Sc.) Yombe started to pursue his Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience at Goethe University (Frankfurt). He is a Research Assistant at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt. His engagement besides the Rational Think Tank ranges from volunteering at the German Neuroscience Olympiad to the National Society of Black Engineers, where he was Vice President at the Yale Chapter.

At the Rational Think Tank, Yombe advises our team on all scientific questions related to neuroscience. He is a strong part of our community of academic proofreaders and our Frankfurt-based membership.

Besides Neuroscience and his engagement in non-profit organisations, he is an active runner and participant in half-marathons.

Interdisciplinary Contributors


Maureen Jacob


Maureen is a fifth-semester med-student at Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. She is Vice Chair and Founding Member of the German Neuroscience Olympiad Frankfurt (Non-Profit Organization, the “DNO”). Through her work for the DNO she organizes regional contests and education for talented pupils in the field of neuroscience. This engagement gives her the opportunity to extend her knowledge in neuroscience – a field that always fascinated her. Maureen supports the Rational Think Tank in the fields of Neurolaw and Medical Rationality.

Her manifold volunteering and great academic successes led to several honors and scholarships. She is an active runner and currently perfecting her half-marathon performance.