We are striving to strengthen rationality in our legal system to enable original meanings of our laws to persist which will help secure equity in front of the law.

We sharpen legal professionals’ awareness and understanding of the diverse psychological phenomena and forces in order to increase clarity in their thinking and decision making.

Sinan Krückeberg, CSO of the Rational Think Tank

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What can we do for you? 

We gather, assess and discuss resources on behavioural economics, neuropsychology and decision theory that could be of interest to business, law firms, public institutions and, not least, to students planning to work in one of these areas. Our goal is to create the platform of choice for anyone with a desire to improve his or her decisions – and have some fun at the same time.

What is Rational Thinking?

There are many (different) ways to define ‘rationality’. Our focus, however, is set on enabling individuals or groups to make their decisions or to form their beliefs in an unbiased manner. Scientists have shown that humans are often affected by cognitive biases (i.e., basic errors in thinking that deviate from standards of reason). While these errors occur unconsciously, the good news is that they are to some extent predictable. The ambition of the people behind the Rational Think Tank is to help you detect and overcome your cognitive errors and, thus, make more rational decisions.

How can you become (more) rational?

You already made the first good choice by visiting our website and we would like to thank you for your interest in our work. The next step will be to read through our most recent posts in order to get a better understanding of the different biases and the appropriate means to overcome them.

Should you ignore intuition?

No! There is evidence suggesting that people, in particular experts in their fields, can be good intuitive decision makers. The only thing is that you have to know when it is safe to follow your intuition. Want to learn more? Then stay tuned!

Welcome to the Rational Think Tank – we invite you to join our network!