AI-Update: Recent Developments in Artificial Intelligence and the Law

(Reading time: 3 min read)

Two weeks ago, I argued that society should start to protect AI under our law. Key to this argument is an artificial intelligence competent to develop consciousness comparable to human double awareness.

In January, the European parliament officially started pondering “electronic personhood” for robots and artificial intelligence. Within their Draft Report the Committee on Legal Affairs recommended to the Commission on Civil Law Rules on Robotics.

“Nudged” by Government? Maybe!

(Reading time: 4 min read)

How governmental nudge units influence citizens’ decision-making through the design of policy choice architecture

On top of what is done in the commercial domain, there has been an increasing focus on building these nudges into the public sector and into public policy making. Based on the idea that people often take decisions which are contrary to what is in their best interest, a government can hence give its citizens a nudge in the right direction by presenting the available choices in a different manner.