Become a Member

This is exactly what you have waited for and you cannot wait to join our ranks? We will soon accept new interdisciplinary members to the organisation. The membership will be free of charge for students, while fully-employed entrants would be expected to pay a small monthly fee. The funds we receive from members and through fundraising will be used exclusively for the projects of the Rational Think Tank (e.g., maintaining this website and organizing events).

As a member, you will not only get the chance to further the role of Rational Thinking and behavioural economics in society, but you will also be able to shape the future of the Rational Think Tank by bringing in your own ideas and by having your say in how we move forward.

That said, you can also become a member simply to improve your understanding of Rational Thinking and only participate in the events that are of particular interest to you. If you would like to find out more, get in touch. We are also happy to hear from you if you are interested in publishing a guest post on our blog.

Become a Sponsor

Too much work? If you work for a law firm, company or any other institution that would be in interested in our work, there may be other ways to support us. We are currently setting up a membership for sponsors, so please let us know if you would like to receive further information.

Create a local sub-entity

Not enough? Well, there is more. We aim to become a Combined Joint Think Tank that is supported by its diverse members and various local sub-entities. Our work will combine the know-how of economists, lawyers and psychologists as well as students of the relevant fields. The Rational Think Tank is joint in the sense that it relies on our sub-entities, associated with universities, to coordinate our local communities and to maximize efficiency and the impact of our collaboration.

The following sub-entities have been founded on behalf of the Rational Think Tank:


  • HANSEATIC RATIONAL THINK TANK (2016) @ Greater Hamburg
    Local Coordinator: Mr. Till Schmid
  • (One further Local Group is currently forming)


  • BUCERIUS RATIONAL THINK TANK (2016) @ Bucerius Law School
    Permanent Representative: Mr. Till Schmid
  • (Talks with 2 Universities pending)
  • If founding a sub-entity with some of your fellow students sounds like the perfect challenge for you, feel free to send us an email.

How to reach us?

Please send us your email via info(at) You can also contact the people of our Management Board directly.