Rational Roundup #5 – Part II/III: Focus through Mindfulness?

The Rational Roundup, as previously announced, provides our readers with regular updates on rational thinking and current discussions among cognitive scientists. This is the second part of the latest edition, addressing positive psychology and the behavioral enhancement of your professional productivity. In this short briefing, I will share further thoughts on how to improve your…

Rational Roundup #4 – Anchoring News

When we created this publication format, our aim was to launch a medium where our members get updated on recent developments in behavioral science. Our Roundups will now be celebrating a comeback for a while. Continuing in the spirit of previous publications, the aim is to provide you with a number of interesting topics too…

Rational Roundup #3 – AI and Decision Making

(Reading time: 3 min read)

This week’s Rational Roundup focuses on different ways (future and current) in which artificial intelligence (AI) may serve to improve human decision making. In addition, we have unfortunate news for anyone with a tendency to bend the truth occasionally.